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Harvesting began on 3/9/2001.

What is Webarchiv?

Webarchiv is a digital archive of Czech web resources which are collected with the aim of their long-term preservation. The National Library of the Czech Republic] has been organizing preservation of these documents since 2000. Tools developed by the Internet Archive], and the International Internet Preservation Consortium] (IIPC) respectively are used for web archiving. Webarchiv is a member of IIPC from 2007.

    What is the purpose of web archiving?
  • The need to preserve for future generations non-print documents of cultural, artistic and historic value

  • Enormous growth of electronic online resources published solely on Internet

  • The ephemeral nature of electronic resources – valuable documents can be irretrievably lost

    What resources can be found in Webarchiv?
  • Digital documents freely available via Internet

  • Publications with research and artistic focus, news and current affairs

  • Periodicals, monographs, conference papers, research and other reports, scholarly publications, etc.

  • Textual, and to some extent also visual and sound, documents existing only in digital format

Contact: webarchiv@nkp.cz
Last update: 20/10/2018