What is WebArchiv?

WebArchiv is a digital archive of Czech web resources which are collected with the aim of their long-term preservation. The National Library of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with Moravian Library and Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University, has been organizing preservation of these documents since 2000. Tools developed by the Internet Archive, and the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) respectively are used for web archiving. WebArchiv is a member of IIPC from 2007.

What is the purpose of web archiving?

  • The need to preserve for future generations non-print documents of cultural, artistic and historic value
  • Enormous growth of electronic online resources published solely on Internet
  • The ephemeral nature of electronic resources – valuable documents can be irretrievably lost

What resources can be found in WebArchiv?

  • Digital documents freely available via Internet
  • Publications with research and artistic focus, news and current affairs
  • Periodicals, monographs, conference papers, research and other reports, scholarly publications, etc.
  • Textual, and to some extent also visual and sound, documents existing only in digital format

WebArchiv content

The aim is to archive everything that has ever been published on Internet within the Czech web. However, this goal cannot be technically reached and besides, not all resources published on web are by their nature suitable for archiving (e.g. promotional material). For these reasons the archiving is following three paths:

Contact: webarchiv@nkp.cz
Last update: 28/11/2014